as of 30 March 2020



Firstly, we want to thank you for your patience in these unprecedented times. Understandably, many people feel anxious and we are here to support you as best we can.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting all our lives, personally and professionally. Let us tell you what XPS Administration is doing to continue to look after your pension scheme and pay pensions. Below is an update about:

  • processing times;
  • how to contact us; and
  • security checks.

Business continuity

We took significant steps so staff can work from home and continue to deliver a service to you. This was a major operation and we are pleased to have a strong business continuation strategy in place.

Area’s that might affect you:

  • less urgent queries may experience longer processing times; and
  • postal services may also experience some disruption.

Again, we ask for your kind patience. We are managing our workloads in a priority order (as advised by The Pensions Regulator), so our response times may be longer than usual.

Contacting us

To help us overcome potential postal disruption, please send any communications via email, using the details provided in the contact section of this website.

Do not post anything, as we cannot guarantee safe or timely receipt by the right person. If we have asked for a document, such as an original birth certificate, scan or photograph it and email this to us.

Sending documents to XPS Administration:

  • Do not post letters, certificates, forms etc.
  • Photograph and/or scan and email documents
  • Password protect any documents with personal information

When protecting a document using a password , please use your full National Insurance number with letters in capitals, followed by the month you were born in using lowercase and no space in between (e.g. AB123456Cseptember). Do not email the password.

Security checks; have your details ready

Keeping your personal data secure is of utmost importance. We will only share your information with you. When you get in touch, we, therefore, always start with member authentication first.

When you email us please provide the following details:

  • your full surname (as it appears on our records);
  • address – first line and postcode;
  • the first 4 digits of your NI number (e.g. JE45); and
  • the day in the month of your birth (e.g. 25th)

Never send all of your NI number or date of birth, only part as asked above.


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